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Europe made by the people of tomorrow.

Democratize the discussion about the European Union and think about its future.

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The blog is a bridge. Any young student or researcher, regardless of their academic background, who wishes to share their ideas or projects and get heard, can find a way to express their voice in BEYOND.

The European Union is currently suffering from a political crisis. It lacks innovation, modern solutions and a solid plan for the future, in addition to losing significant support from the population. We personally believe that this does not mean that the EU has to be destroyed but profoundly innovated by students and young citizens, who represent the future of Europe. 

Students are vital in the development of the European Union, they have to propose their vision of Europe. A European Union closer to its citizens, that not only knows how to cope with globalisation but that leads it. Europe has fallen, we should help her stand up and start running again. The Covid-19 crisis has shown us that the world and especially the EU can adapt to change when it wants. Globalisation is as strong as ever and new global powers are rising quickly. Therefore, we need to think and act fast. The blog is born to facilitate this adaptation

However, thinking about the future of the EU also means applying a critical point of view when needed. Way too often we have witnessed a fully sided debate about the EU: you are either completely against “Bruxelles’ technocrats” or completely in favour of the “European family”. We think that the debate has to be more nuanced than that if we want to better understand what is going on at the EU level nowadays. Therefore, BEYOND welcomes any constructive critic about the EU.